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Shipping & Returns

We know that it can be difficult to get sizes correct when buying online, so we are always happy to exchange. To organise an exchange, please do the following:

  1. Return the item to:

    Suitjamas Returns
    1 / 29 Bellevue Road
    Figtree NSW 2525 Australia
  2. Enclose the items/pieces that don't fit well and a note showing the size you wish to have your item exchanged for (our sizes go from XS to XXXL). See Sizing Chart 
  3. Enclose your return shipping address, so we can send the package back to you. Please note if you want the return via express post service some shipping charges may apply.

For international orders please allow up to 4 weeks for items to be exchanged to cover postage both ways and handling times. We generally exchange items within 2 business days.

Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds, unless the product is defective or not as described. Should we send out a product with an error such as those mentioned previously, we will also cover the costs of your return shipping.


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. 

We have a few fixed options for our shipping charges, which are based on the fees we are charged to post your item. We do not make a profit on postage costs.

We use Australia Post for our shipping service and you can find information regarding their services and delivery time online here. Unfortunately they are unable to provide us with tracking numbers for normal international airmail, but we can provide proof of postage and tracking numbers for express courier and domestic Australian services. We are happy to provide any information you require if you contact us.